What parts are in the Flexfit cap?

A Flexfit cap has many parts that combine to make caps that are practical and stylish.

The crown is constructed from panels stitched together. Trucker hats have two mesh panels to provide ventilation. The panels are made from blended fabrics that look good and are practical; these include cotton blend, wool blend and polyester.

The visor is attached to the crown and shades the eyes on sunny days, while the closure is the strap at the back of the hat that adjusts to fit the head comfortably.

Eyelets are round holes at the top of panels. They are designed to keep the head cool.

At the top of the hat is the button. This actually has no practical purpose as the panels would still stay together without it, but it adds a finishing touch to the aesthetics.

The sweatband is at the base of the crown inside the hat. It catches sweat and stops it from dripping. Many Flexfit sweatbands have antibacterial and anti-odor qualities.

The crown, visor, adjusting straps, eyelets, the button and sweatband are the basic components of a Flexfit cap, but there are many variations of design that create the wide range of headwear we offer. Stitching can be obvious or hidden, visors can be a different colour to the crown, the profile of the crown can range from low to high, and visors can be flat or curved. The multiple style combinations and colours mean that there are hundreds of Flexfit caps to choose from.

Customising caps with prints or embroidered logos makes caps unique, so choose the Flexfit cap that matches your lifestyle.

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Can caps become smarter?

Flexfit baseball caps are the perfect combination of technology and style, but what can the headwear industry do to remain innovative and at the cutting edge of development in the coming years?

The Flexfit range of caps, which includes the Flexfit Delta, Snapback and 110 are based on classic baseball cap designs but bought up to date with technology that keeps the head cool and dry on hot days. Flexfit has developed Permacurv® too, which makes sure that the visor keeps its shape.

There is currently a trend for fitness devices that measure heart rate, calorie consumption, body temperature and so on. These are usually worn or incorporated in wristwatches such as the Apple watch. They connect to a smartphone app that processes the information they transmit and this can be used to monitor fitness progress. They are ideal for people who want to review their fitness progress.

Flexfit caps are often worn by people when taking part in sports or exercise activities, so incorporating fitness trackers in Flexfit hats may seem a logical step. We are always keen to apply innovation here at Flexfit, although we are aware that any technological introductions should not compromise on the aesthetics, function and comfort of the caps.

We are confident that Flexfit caps both look and act smart, and if the wearer desires, they can easily be manually fitted with trackers or other electronic devices. If there is an overwhelming demand from Flexfit hat wearers for caps that incorporate digital connectivity, we will of course take this into consideration in our quest to always be at the forefront of the headwear industry.

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The universal appeal of Flexfit baseball caps

Flexfit baseball caps appeal to a wide variety of people of all ages. They offer the ideal combination of style and practicality.

Worn everywhere

Baseball caps were first noticed when worn by American baseball players, but now they tend to be seen everywhere. Models wore bright red baseball hats on the runways of New York fashion week, and President Donald Trump is seen wearing his hat when playing golf. Not to be outdone, his predecessor Barack Obama has also been photographed wearing his.

Celebrities such as Halle Berry, Chance the Rapper, and Meghan Trainer proudly wear baseball caps when caught on camera too.

Though some associate the baseball cap as quintessentially American, its appeal stretches far beyond the United States. Baseball caps are worn in just about every country in the world, especially in the Middle East, where they are seen as stylish and practical in guarding against the intense sun.

The spreading appeal of the baseball cap

As early as 1854, members of the amateur baseball club, Brooklyn Excelsiors wore six panelled caps with high crowns, which are the ancestors of the modern baseball cap. In the 1950s, the fitted cap was introduced and this became the standard item for baseball players.

In the 1940s many Americans began to wear caps in their favourite team’s colours away from the baseball field. Companies began to brand caps with their logos. They were given away to working men, particularly truck drivers and farm workers.

Baseball caps were associated with American blue-collar workers and baseball fans until the 1980s, when Hollywood and television stars like Ron Howard and Tom Selleck were seen donning them. Hip-hop artists adopted baseball caps as their uniform, while skateboarders wore baseball caps because they looked stylish and stayed on the head when performing high-speed stunts.

Images of celebrities wearing baseball caps were seen all over the world. People copied the fashion style of their celebrity role models, and wearing baseball caps spread outside of America.

The distinguishing feature of baseball caps is that they appeal to both the young and older generations. From children to old men, baseball caps have a universal appeal.

Not all baseball caps are the same

There are many baseball cap manufacturers. You can buy cheap baseball caps that will not last long. Flexfit baseball caps stand out from the crowd because they look stylish and are made well from quality materials.

Flexfit have developed a number of innovative technologies that make their caps stand out in the crowded baseball cap market. These technologies keep the head cool and dry in the hot sun, make sure that the caps fit well and are extremely comfortable to wear.

Many people all over the world are concerned about the environment and global warming. Flexfit shares these concerns and makes sure that all materials and manufacturing processes we use exceed international environmental standards.

Flexfit caps are not worn because wearers want to follow a fashion trend. Their universal appeal is based on being stylish, practical, premium quality, durable and extremely comfortable.

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Flexfit trucker caps – a classic style with a modern look

The trucker cap, with its distinctive mesh panels, has a long history. Despite this, these hats do not look dated.

The origin of the Trucker Cap

From the 1920s to the 1960s, American truckers usually wore peaked mechanics’ hats that tended to carry the logo of the trucking company. By the 1970s, trucker caps with five panels and mesh were more popular. They were given away at truck stops by companies including Budweiser, Shell, and John Deere, and had company logos printed on them for advertising.

Feed and farming companies also gave branded trucker caps away to farmers and rural workers, and this increased their popularity. Subsequently, they were adopted by non-truckers and farmers.

The traditional trucker cap is a panelled cap made from cotton with two mesh panels. The visor is foam and the crown is taller than that of many baseball caps. A plastic fitting at the back makes the cap fit all head sizes.

The Flexfit trucker hat follows these design principles. Available in a number of classic colours and camouflage patterns, the caps are made from a blend of cotton, polyester and nylon. This is a strong and flexible fabric that feels extremely comfortable when worn.

Making the trucker cap trendy and up to date

In the early 2000s, the American hip-hop and skateboard cultures adopted the trucker cap as their chosen headwear. In recent years, celebrities such as Pharrell Williams and Ashton Kutcher were seen wearing trucker hats and this made them more popular. Justin Timberlake has been wearing trucker hats since the age of 17.

The Flexfit Trucker Hat may be a classic style, but is by no means regarded as old-fashioned.

One major difference between the Flexfit trucker hat and those made decades ago is their quality. Trucker hats were given away to truckers and farmers because they were cheap to produce. Flexfit truckers, while not expensive, are not cheap quality. We use manufacturing processes that make sure all hats are produced to a high standard and will last a long time. Quality stitching means that the panels stay together. Though many wearers take great care of their Flexfit trucker hat, they can withstand rough treatment and keep their shape if handled without care.

Branding the trucker hat

Flexfit trucker hats are ideal for branding with a logo or slogan, and the Flexfit Custom Program produces caps that are branded in a number of ways. Images and text can be printed on the caps or embroidered. Logos can be placed on the visor or the crown, either centrally or on either side.

Talk to a member of the Custom Program team for assistance on designing the graphics for branding, and any other help you might need to create a unique range of caps. You can also purchase blank Flexfit trucker hats wholesale for you to arrange your own branding.

If you appreciate a classic style of baseball cap bought up to date, the Flexfit trucker hat is an excellent choice.

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