Flexfit One Size Fits All

Flexfit One Size Fits All caps adjust to fit all head sizes. Flexfit technology makes sure that the caps fit comfortably on all head sizes. The goal of Flexfit is to make the most comfortable cap that stays on your head always, whether walking down the street, trekking in the wilds or taking part in extreme sports. Flexfit One Size Fits All caps fit on the head without the need for manual adjustment.

Flexfit caps are available in a range of styles and fabrics. They incorporate several innovative technologies. Permacurv visors can be straight or curved, and even after being folded many times, retain their shape.

Sweatbands keep your head cool and dry and prevent the bacteria that causes odours, while buckram adds strength.

Flexfit One Size Fits All caps are available in a variety of fabrics including cotton-rich, premium wool and polyester blends. There is a wide range of colours to choose from, as well as two-tone caps with contrasting visor colour. Camo caps create a military style look. Stitching can match the caps colour or be in a different shade.

Flexfit caps appeal to fashion conscious people of all ages and genders who also want a very practical high-quality cap. The Flexfit Adjustable Base can be customised with your business brand for use as promotional gifts or sold under a business’ own brand label. Your own design images or logos can be attached to the cap or the visor. Talk to the Flexfit custom service team about making your caps unique.

All materials used in the manufacture of Flexfit caps exceeds international environmental standards and contains no toxic substances.

Flexfit is passionate about quality and makes sure that all caps are made to high production standards. For the ideal combination of stylish looks and advanced technology, wear a Flexfit One Size Fits All cap.

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Flexfit Dubai

The Flexfit Middle East Office supplies premium quality headwear to Dubai.

Flexfit has built its reputation by creating stylish baseball style hats with quality innovative features. Our range of caps is designed to look stylish and be extremely practical.

Over more than 40 years, Flexfit has invested heavily in research and development. This has resulted in technologies like Permacurve, which solves the problem of cap visors going out of shape if bent or adjusted regularly by the wearer.

At Flexfit, Dubai is a city in our veins. Flexfit caps are designed to handle the hot Dubai weather. Sweatbands absorb moisture and prevent odour, and top-of-the-range technology keeps the head cool and dry. When you enter a cooler air-conditioned building, Flexfit caps will still keep the head feeling warm and comfortable.

Dubai residents love sports, so it’s just as well that Flexfit caps will stay on your head when taking part in energetic sporting activities.

Our caps are available at leading Dubai outlets under the Flexfit brand. The Flexfit Blank Program is a way to brand your own Flexfit cap with your own logo or slogans. You can sell your branded caps under your own label brand in Dubai. Businesses can have their own branded caps made to give away as promotional gifts.

Loved by businesses, Flexfit caps can help associate brands with quality products. There may be cheaper brands available, but Dubai people are happy to pay a little more for premium products that are made with the highest production values, and manufactured to last.

All materials used to make Flexfit caps exceed international environmental standards, which is another reason for choosing Flexfit.

If you would like to sell Flexfit caps in Dubai, contact the Flexfit Dubai office for details on how you can benefit from our name and experience.

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Flexfit Delta Wholesale

The Flexfit Delta wholesale program is a way that you can enter the lucrative baseball style hat market, Flexfit Delta caps are premium quality hats that, unlike many garments, never go out of fashion. They are a classic-style baseball hat but made slicker, lighter and more modern.

The caps have a number of innovative features. The six panels of the hat crown are fitted together in a seamless manner that reveals no stitches. These create a smoother, lighter look. The sweatband inside the hat absorbs moisture, are anti-bacterial and the caps will keep the head cool and dry in hot weather, or during high-intensity indoor workouts.

Flexfit technology makes sure that the caps fit well, feel comfortable and will not fall off when playing sports or running. The curved visor has Permacurve technology that helps it retain its shape after regular adjustment.

The Flexfit Delta cap is both stylish and extremely practical. It is manufactured to the highest standards and all materials used conform or exceed to international environmental standards.

Delta caps can be branded with your own company label. A slogan, logo or image can be attached to the hat, printed or embroidered. 3D embroidery and stitched leather patches create visual impact. Caps are available in a range of colours so that you can create a range of your own branded hats for resale.

Perhaps the best thing about the Flexfit Delta wholesale program is that you do not need to commit to large quantities or expenses to test the market. You can order just a few caps and have them delivered within a few days of ordering, your customer feedback could prompt you to make changes in the design of your Flexfit Delta caps, and this can easily and quickly be accommodated.

The wholesale program makes it straightforward to design and market your own range of Delta caps.

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