What are Flexfit blank hats?

Flexfit blank hats are caps that have no branding and logos. They are suitable for branding companies, wholesalers and retailers who want a range of quality caps.

The styles

The Flexfit range features many styles. The most popular are the Flexfit Delta, Trucker, Snapback, and Dad Cap. Caps are available in many colours and patterns in premium fabrics. Two-tone caps have contrasting coloured visors and crowns. Stitching options include contrast stitching and stitching that makes caps look seamless. With so many styles and options available, stockists of Flexfit caps have a range to suit every type of wearer.

Flexfit caps have many innovative features that make them extremely practical. Some are water resistant, their bond tape is anti-bacterial and thermal regulated, and the sweatband absorbs sweat, is quick drying and stain resistant. The caps are designed to keep the head cool and dry in the sun and provide warmth on colder days.

Flexfit caps are premium items made to the highest production standards. They are fashionable headwear for young and old, and are suitable for wearing during energetic sports as their fit prevents them from falling off. Above all, they are extremely comfortable to wear outside and inside, during the day and at night.

Caps that people love to wear

There are many baseball style caps available to buy. With so much choice, businesses need caps that stand out in the crowded baseball cap market. Flexfit blank caps are special because of their looks, their practicality and their quality construction. Flexfit caps are sold worldwide and are extremely popular among discerning customers. People love wearing Flexfit caps for how they make them feel – they get their wearers noticed and admired.

Retailers can benefit from point-of-sale materials and displays that Flexfit provides to get their caps noticed. Flexfit blank caps can be embroidered and printed with unique designs. Alternatively, the Flexfit Custom Program can produce caps with business brands logo and slogans on them.

Branding companies can print Flexfit blank caps with bespoke designs for use as company promotional items.

Furthermore, fashion designers can put their own designs on Flexfit hats to add to their range of designer wear. Flexfit caps are generally seen as casual wear, but fashion designers have paired caps with more formal gowns and suits for a look that is different but elegant.

Quality and ethical concerns

Modern business wants their brand to be associated with quality. They also have a responsibility to the environment. Flexfit caps fit in with this philosophy; they are produced with quality fabrics and materials that exceed international environmental standards, in factories that avoid polluting the environment.

If want to know more about Flexfit blank hats, talk to our team. They are happy to discuss all the style options, fabrics and trims that are available. Your caps can be delivered within a day or two from our warehouse that serves the Middle East. At Flexfit, we want your business to benefit from having a range of our premium blank hats.

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Flexfit baseball hats complement the monochrome look

The Flexfit baseball cap is a versatile fashion item that can be worn with many looks. A popular fashion trend is the monochrome look that mixes dark shade clothes with white. A Flexfit baseball cap is a great addition that enhances the monochrome look.

Jeans, shirt, blazer, and cap

A classic look is to wear a Flexfit baseball cap over a dark coloured pair of jeans with a white shirt and blazer. A black or grey cap looks good to make this dark and white style feel smart but casual.


For a monochrome minimalist look, wear black chinos, a black jacket, a white T-shirt with a black Yupoong baseball cap. Choose loose-fitting chinos with a tailored jacket. A black or dark grey denim jacket works well with this monochrome look to make it both classy and casual.

Printed pattern

Adding a patterned garment to the monochrome look adds a dramatic touch. The pattern can be black and white to fit in with the monochrome style, but other dark colours can add muted contrast.

Try wearing a printed raincoat over black trousers, white T-shirt with white trainers, and a black Flexfit baseball cap. Wear smart trousers and a black or grey baseball cap, to make you look smart. This look is practical if it rains, the raincoat, and baseball cap will keep you dry.

How to wear your Flexfit baseball cap with the monochrome look

A dark grey or black baseball cap looks great with the monochrome look. You could also wear a white cap or a two-tone black and white cap. A baseball cap is a great addition to a casual look but also works well with a casual style that has smarter elements, such as tailored jackets and formal trousers.

In the ‘90s, top fashion designer Chanel created baseball caps with oversize visors that were worn on the catwalk by models wearing black formal dresses, and large pearl necklaces that reached down to their waist. This showed that the monochrome look matched with a baseball cap can work with more formal garments. Most people believe that there is a rule that says baseball caps are casual wear, but bold designers understand that such rules are there to be broken.

Make the monochrome look your own

To make the monochrome fashion look unique to you, customise a Flexfit baseball cap. Take a black, dark grey, or white Flexfit cap and embroider or print your own design on it. Then, match it with your monochrome outfit for a unique personal style. Businesses can brand Flexfit baseball caps with their own brand to create a customised monochrome range of caps.

Fashionable and practical

The great thing about wearing a Flexfit baseball cap with a monochrome outfit is that it makes you look fashionable, but the hats are also very practical. A Flexfit baseball hat will protect you in the hot sun and the rain. They look equally good on men and women, whether they are wearing monochrome clothes or prefer a more colourful style.

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The baseball cap – a must-have fashion item

Flexfit baseball caps are a stylish looking and practical piece of headwear. Baseball caps have been adopted by top fashion designers and worn by style icons, and this has turned them from casual wear to high-demand fashion wear.

Designers and celebrities

In 2016 Gucci’s resort show featured models wearing sequined covered baseball caps with long gowns and chandelier earrings. Gucci is not the only top designer to feature baseball caps; internationally famous designers Giorgio Armani, Ralph Loren and Vivienne Westwood have featured baseball caps at their shows.

Celebrities including Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and Beyoncé have had pictures published on social media showing them wearing baseball caps. Celebrities and designers have made baseball caps accepted as a fashion statement.

Quality that does not cost the earth

Many hats featured at designer fashion shows cost a fortune and are not very practical. The great thing about Flexfit baseball caps is that they are premium quality caps that don’t cost the earth. They are produced without damaging the earth either. All the materials used in their construction, and the industrial processes used by Flexfit, exceed environmental standards set by international bodies.

Making a unique fashion statement

Flexfit baseball caps can be customised with an image to make them unique. They can be branded with a logo or slogan. A designer can add their own custom image that is printed or embroidered onto the cap.

Sold as an own-brand range of baseball caps, Flexfit custom caps make a fashion statement that communicates the style and values of a brand.

People love Flexfit baseball caps for their winning combination of good looks and practicality. Sequined caps may look great on the catwalk, but are impractical to wear in harsh sunlight, or when playing extreme sports. A baseball cap purely designed as a fashion item is in danger of falling off when moving. Flexfit baseball caps are designed to fit well, feel comfortable and stay on the head during vigorous exercise.

The Flexfit statement

Flexfit baseball caps are for people who want their fashion wear to have practical qualities as well as looking great. The statement a Flexfit baseball cap communicates is that the wearer cares about how they look, but equally cares about how their cap performs, how it functions in extreme weather conditions, and how it protects the wearer inside or outside under the harsh sun.

Flexfit has been making headwear for over 40 years and has become experts in the field. We have developed several innovative technologies that make out caps look superb and perform outstandingly. For example, Permacurve technology makes sure the cap visor retains its shape, either straight or curved according to the style of the wearer.

To find out how good Flexfit caps look and feel, try them on at a leading sportswear and clothing store. To have your own baseball cap fashion range, talk to a member of the Flexfit Custom Cap Team. With our help, you don’t have to be a top fashion designer to create unique fashionable Flexfit custom baseball caps.

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