Three great caps to wear in Dubai

Fashion conscious people in Dubai appreciate caps that both look stylish and are practical. Many like to wear baseball style caps that are fashionable and provide protection against the harsh sunlight. Here are the three great Flexfit caps to wear in this bustling Emirates city:

1. Camo Classic Snapback

The Camo Classic Snapback cap features a woodland camouflage pattern fabric with a 35% cotton content. The camouflage may not be very effective for making you blend into the Dubai desert environment, but looks great when in the city. The snap closure makes sure it fits well on all head sizes.

2. Flexfit Wooly Combed

Made from polyester (63%), cotton (34%) and spandex (3%), the Flexfit Wooly Combed cap gives the luxurious feeling of wool in any weather, making it ideal for Dubai’s hot days.

3. Cotton Twill Dad Hat

Though called a dad hat, this Flexfit hat is a classic cap that looks good on single men or women of all ages – and dads as well! It has eight rows of stitching on the curved visor and a six-panel construction. The Cotton Twill Dad Hat is made from 98% quality cotton and 2% spandex.

Dubai residents love playing sports and these caps are built to stay on the head during vigorous exercise. The hats are designed to be worn in the sun, but feel comfortable in air-conditioned buildings.

These three Flexfit hats stand out because of their quality and durability. They are designed for people who appreciate excellence.

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Which headwear is right for your business?

Headwear is a great opportunity to raise awareness of your brand. If you give your customers hats branded with your company logo, they will become walking advertisements for your business, but what type of headwear suits your business best?

A baseball-style hat is the best type of headwear for your company. This is because they have a timeless fashionable look and are worn by men and women of all ages. Everyone from film and pop stars, to the President of the United States wears them.

There are many makes and styles of baseball caps, but not all are high quality. Your business needs to be associated with high standards. This is why you should choose Yupoong Flexfit hats, which are quality items made with the best fabrics and materials, and incorporating advanced technology to make them very practical. The Flexfit system makes Yupoong hats fit comfortably on all head sizes. Yupoong hats protect the wearer from the harsh sun and, in some cases, rain, keeping the wearer cool and dry.

There are many branding, fabric, colour and style options available to make your business’s Yupoong hat unique. A logo or other image can be printed on the visor or panels. The embroidery options will make your hat look distinctive, or a leather badge with your design can be stitched to the hat for a classic look.

A Yupoong cap is a stylish practical hat that will create a positive impression of your business.

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How our Flexfit Delta caps cope with the hottest of climates

Flexfit caps are very practical headwear to wear in the hottest of climates. Our Flexfit Delta style in particular will keep your head protected under the harsh sun often hovering in the skies of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.

Our baseball-style caps have large visors. Whether you select a straight visitor or curved, they will provide cooling shade for your face. Permacurv technology ensures that the visor keeps its shape at all times.

Flexfit develop technology creates caps that keep the head cool, have stain block resistance and prevent the build-up of sweat, Anti-bacterial headbands stop sweat odour, ensuring a Flexfit cap will keep your head cool and dry all day. They are designed to feel comfortable when worn in the heat for extended periods, not only protecting you from the sun, but also keeping your head dry if it rains.

Finding a cap that can cope with the hottest climate is important, but how you look in the cap is equally important. Flexfit caps have that timeless style that suits people of all ages. They are great-looking casual wear for in town or in the countryside. Sportspeople love them because they look great and keep their head cool during vigorous exercise.

Our quality caps manufactured to the highest standards. Wear your Flexfit cap all day in the hot sun, and you can still be sure it will last a long time.

Flexfit is a brand for people who want a cap that can cope with the hottest climates, looks stylish and is of premium quality.

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Three great caps to wear in Saudi Arabia

Baseball style caps are popular in Saudi Arabia – particularly the Flexfit 6277, Snapback and Yupoong Trucker.

To show their support for the Saudi Arabia football team in the World Cup 2018, supporters may like to wear Flexfit caps with the Saudi Arabia name or flag proudly printed on them. Flexfit caps are not just about showing support for the national team though, they are the perfect combination of good looking fashion and practical headwear.


The Flexfit 6277 cap is an athletically shaped, hard buckram headwear item. It is a classic baseball-style design brought up to date with smooth elegant looks and innovative technology.


Flexfit Snapback hats are classic style caps that come with a number of style options, including reinforced buckram for strength and premium fabrics. Snapback caps feature visors that can be shaped either curved or straight.

Yupoong Trucker

Saudi Arabians often spend a lot of time on the road, and this premium quality cap is extremely comfortable to wear. You don’t have to be a driver, however, to benefit from its snugness and effortless style.

All Flexfit caps are suitable for casual or sporting wear. Using innovative technology, they protect the head from the harsh Saudi Arabian sun, are stylish looking and are suitable for people of all ages. For children, there are Flexfit caps that fit their small head sizes.

All three caps can be customised and branded with your own logo patches for selling as your own brand hats or presented as promotional gifts.

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What makes the baseball cap so popular?

The baseball-style cap is popular not only in the Middle East, but all over the world, so why is this?

The baseball cap appears to be universally liked. Victoria Beckham wears them, and so do Beyoncé and President Trump.

When asked about why the baseball cap is so popular, Hannah Spooner, the curator of the Hat Works museum in Stockport, England, said that it is simply because it is both a comfortable and practical hat. She added:

“The peaked and fitted cap is an enduring style. It’s good for keeping the sun out of your eyes – and as it’s adjustable, it stays on your head. That’s a winning combination.”

The baseball cap is customisable. As well as coming in a variety of colours and fabrics, logos and slogans can be printed or embroidered on caps to make them individual. Wearing a baseball cap is a statement that you can wear what everyone wears, but at the same time your cap can express your individuality.

The baseball cap has become the uniform of many different groups and tribes. Followers of the hip-hop style of music wear them, and of course Americans wear caps with the colours and brand of their favourite baseball team.

At Flexfit, we make customised baseball style caps that express both your individual identity as well as your allegiance to a group with shared interests. Flexfit caps are popular because they look good, are highly practical and incorporate our innovative technology.

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A perfect fit with the Flexfit 110 Snapback

The Flexfit 110 Snapback is designed to fit all head sizes comfortably.

How many head sizes?

There are 10 standard head sizes, from the small 6 3/4 size to the 7 7/8 XXL size. For most headwear, you need to find the hat that fits your exact head size. Baseball hats are adjustable so that you do not need to find the exact size to fit you. The Flexfit Delta takes this idea even further with its brilliant adjustable 110 technology that makes the one hat fit all head sizes. 110 means one hat size for 10 head sizes.

What makes the Flexfit 110 Snapback hat unique is that you do not have to adjust it manually. Instead, the hat automatically fits your head. This is ideal if you are buying a 110 cap as a present, as you do not have to know the recipient’s hat size.


It’s no good if a cap fits well but feels uncomfortable to wear. The Flexfit 110 Snapback hat is designed to be easy and comfortable to wear all day. It fits in such a way that it will not fall off during active exercise, sport or jogging.

Premium materials

The Flexfit 110 Snapback is a top class product that is made from quality materials. Flexfit has a strict environmental policy that makes sure all materials and fabrics used to manufacture our hats are kind to the environment and exceed international environmental standards. All manufacturing processes are monitored so that they have minimum impact on the environment.

Flexfit has what we call a ‘Zero Defect’ production that makes sure that all caps are produced to a high standard and are made to last. While we could sell more hats if they regularly wore out, we prefer our wearers to have a premium quality cap that lasts a long time.


Flexfit caps are based on the classic baseball hat style that looks good on all ages of wearers, old or young. There are several style options available. You can choose from classic colours. Crowns and visors can be the same shade or contrasting colours.

Caps can be customised with your company logo or slogan for sale as your own label sportswear, or for promotional gifts. The one-size-fits-all technology means that you do not need to order a range of sizes.


Flexfit 110 caps are a marriage of style and practicality. The caps are ideal for wearing under the harsh sun, with visors to cast shadows to cool your face and performance sweatbands to absorb moisture.

Permacurv technology keeps the curved visor in shape at all times, no matter how often you adjust it.

Get a feel for the 110

Flexfit 110 Snapback caps are designed for people who want a combination of good looks and practical headwear. You want a cap that fits well, feels comfortable and will last a long time.

The best way to test this is to try one on. If you do, you will probably not want to take it off!

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The cap always fits with the Flexfit Adjustable base

Active people that wear baseball style caps demand many things from their headwear. They want the cap to fit well, feel comfortable and look stylish. The Flexfit Adjustable base delivers in all areas.

Comfortable fit

Many people wear caps all day and want them to feel extremely comfortable when first putting the cap on to when they take it off at night. The Flexfit Adjustable base comes in one size to fit all head sizes, and it adjusts to fit the wearer’s head. If you are active and enjoy hobbies like jogging, playing sports or dancing, you want to know that your cap will stay on your head no matter how vigorous your exercise. You can rely on the Flexfit Adjustable base to stay put.

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How The Flexfit Delta 180 Sets The Standard

The Flexfit Delta 180 is a revolutionary cap that is sleeker, smarter, lighter and more comfortable.


The distinguishing feature of the Flexfit Delta 180 cap is the finish that fuses the cap panels without visible stitching. This creates a smarter look that updates the classic baseball style.


Wearers of the Flexfit Delta 180 cap do not just go for its great looks, they also appreciate the technology that Flexfit builds into the caps. Flexfit has been making quality baseball style caps for over 40 years. During that time, we have invested large sums in research and development to create technologies that make Flexfit caps a premium brand that is both stylish and practical.

Permacurv technology makes sure that the visors keep shape at all times.

A special three-layer sweatband absorbs moisture and guards against stains. This makes the Flexfit Delta 180 suitable for wearing under the hot sun or when performing energetic exercises. The Flexfit Delta 180 hat is made from fabric that repels water when it rains. Lightweight buckram increases strength without adding extra weight to the cap.


The Flexfit Delta 180 cap is extremely comfortable to wear. It comes in only two sizes, small to medium and large to extra-large. It adjusts to your head size to fit snugly and feels comfortable to wear all day long. It will not fall off when jogging, exercising or when taking part in sports events.


The Flexfit Delta 180 is styled on the classic baseball cap that is always fashionable. Young or old people love the Delta hat. You can see fashion-conscious people wearing them in city streets. Lovers of the outdoors wear caps on rural adventures or when hunting. They protect the head in the desert heat, but it can be worn indoors in air conditioned buildings.

The Flexfit Delta 180 cap is available in several classic colours. Its seamless look is great in any colour.

Making the Flexfit Delta 180 cap your own

You can try on and purchase the Flexfit Delta 180 cap at leading clothing and sportswear stores. If you have shops or an online business, you can purchase caps at wholesale prices to resell for extra business income.

There is the opportunity to partner with Flexfit to create your own branded Flexfit Delta 180 caps. Your logo and slogan can be printed or embroidered on the cap. Branding can be on the visor or the crown to make Delta caps unique to your own brand.

Delta caps can be sold as your own label brand or are ideal to give away as business promotional gifts. Flexfit Delta 180 caps are a premium product produced to the highest manufacturing standards. All materials and fabrics used in the design exceed international environmental standards. Your branded Flexfit Delta 180 caps will reflect your business’s commitment to high standards and quality products.

If you want a cap that is the perfect marriage of technology and style, wear a Flexfit Delta 180 cap.

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