Why Choose The Flexfit Trucker Hat?

The Flexfit Trucker hat is a retro style baseball cap. Trucker caps originated in the 1960s and were given away by US feed and farming supply businesses. Flexfit has updated the trucker hat with innovative technology.

The style

The distinctive feature of the Flexfit Trucker hat is the mesh back, which provides ventilation. There are several classic colour options for either single colour caps or ones with front panels in contrasting colours to the mesh. Visors can be the same colour or a different shade. For the military look, choose a camouflage pattern Trucker.

Visors have Permacurv technology that makes sure that the visor stays in shape. There is also a Curved Visor Foam Trucker cap with thick sponge backing.

Fabric options include polyester and rich cotton. For a distinctive look, visors can have eight rows of stitches.

Whatever style of Trucker hat you wear, you will look stylish in all environments, from exploring the great outdoors to walking down city streets.

Flexfit technology

Flexfit has been making headwear for over 40 years. In that time, we have developed many innovative technologies. Trucker caps are one size fits all, and snapback technology adjusts the hats to every head, small to extra-large. They fit snugly so that they are comfortable to wear all day and will not fall off when exercising, playing sports, jogging or dancing. Hard buckram adds strength to hats and strong stitching securely binds the cap panels.

Trucker hats are designed to look good, last a long time, and keep the head cool and dry.

At Flexfit, we take our responsibility to the environment seriously and only use materials and manufacturing processes that meet or exceed international environmental standards. The Flexfit Zero Defect manufacturing process constructs caps to the highest production standards.

Customise your hats

The Flexfit Trucker hat is ideal for customising and branding with your business identity. Your logo and slogan can be screen printed on the visor or crown of the hat or embroidered.

You do not have to order many caps to try out the Flexfit custom design program and because one size fits all heads, there is no need to order a range of sizes. Talk to a member of the Flexfit custom design team to discuss all the branding options.

Branded caps can be sold as your own label headwear or can be used as promotional products for your business. The great advantage of your own Trucker hat is that you do not need to know the head size of the people who will wear your hats, as one cap fits all heads.

Flexfit Trucker hats are a premium product that you will be proud to associate your business with. Your customers, clients and business contacts will love wearing these stylish looking and hardwearing headwear items.

Truckers are worn by people of all ages and genders who appreciate their perfect marriage of style and practicality. If you want your own brand of caps, or to order a few plain Flexfit Trucker hats, contact us today.

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Why use Flexfit custom caps for promotional gifts?

Flexfit custom caps make ideal promotional gifts. For a modest outlay, you can give your clients a premium quality cap that they can regularly wear. Customized with your brand, these caps are a reminder of your company.

Clients see caps as a high-value item. Psychologists have identified what they call the “law of reciprocity”. Simply put, this means that if someone receives a gift that they value, they will want to give something back. In business terms, this means that if someone is given a gift such as a cap, they are more likely to do business with you in return.

A business can create a custom cap designed to raise brand awareness. If a business is holding an event or sponsoring a sports event, these can be created especially for the event, with the name of the occasion embroidered on the cap. Flexfit caps are ideal giveaway items at trade shows.

Caps can be given to employees to motivate them, which in return can increase productivity. As well as this, they are a valuable part of a marketing and promotion campaign, which can lead to both an influx of business, and can increase customer loyalty.

At Flexfit, we can help you design your custom cap. Minimum orders are small so that you can easily test out your design ideas before committing to a large order. If you choose a ‘one size fits all’ style, you don’t have to worry about the caps fitting.

Custom Flexfit caps are an excellent choice for use as promotional gifts.

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