Don’t worry about finding a cap to fit with the Flexfit 110

Heads come in various sizes, which can make finding the correct size cap difficult. The Flexfit 110 cap solves this with technology that adjusts the cap to every head size.

There are 10 standard adult hat sizes. The 110 Cap is so called because one size fits all ten head sizes.

Innovative technology

Yupoong have been making baseball style hats for over 40 years. During that time, they have taken the classic baseball style cap and developed several innovative technologies to improve both the look of the caps and how they function. Innovative 360 technology constructs Flexfit caps to fit all head sizes without the wearer having to adjust a strap manually.

Custom caps

The one-size-fits-all technology is great for businesses who want custom caps. The 110 can be branded with embroidered or printed logos to make a cap unique to a company. This can be used as promotional gifts to raise awareness of a business or sold as an own label cap.

Blank caps can be embordered or printed on by specialist services.

Whatever type of custom caps are required, the 360 technology means that businesses do not have to worry about knowing their customers’ head size when ordering caps.

Style and practicality

The 110 cap is the perfect combination of style and practicality. They are quality caps available in a number of popular colours with various stitching options. Two-tone styles are available with contrasting shades of visor and crown. Hard buckram makes the caps extremely comfortable to wear and they will not fall off when performing vigorous exercise or playing sports. Flexfit caps are all about comfort and fit.

The Permacurve visors will always keep their shape, even after folding.

The 110 Cap looks fashionable on old and young heads alike, and helps protect wearers from harsh sunlight.

Quality and responsibility

Though many people choose the 110 Cap because of its fit, once people own them, they come to appreciate their quality. Flexfit makes premium headwear that is designed to last, whether worn in the snows of Alaska or beneath the red-hot sun of Dubai. Zero Defect production values make sure that caps are made to the highest manufacturing standards.

Flexfit cares about the planet and makes sure that all materials and manufacturing processes exceed international environmental standards.

A business that custom brands 110 Caps knows that it is associating its brand with quality headwear and a manufacturing process does not harm the planet. A partnership with Flexfit is in line with many corporate environmental policies. The wearers of the 110 caps may be unaware of their environmental credentials, they just know that they are wearing one of the most comfortable and well-fitting caps they have ever worn. Wearers also know that they look good wearing the 110 Cap out in the desert, inside the shopping mall, or while playing extreme sports.

To discover the many fine qualities of the Flexfit 110 cap, talk to a member of the Flexfit team.

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A brief guide to designing an embroidered Flexfit cap

At Flexfit, we produce custom caps that make great promotional products for a business or to be sold as own label caps, and there is an art to designing the embroidery that goes onto your caps.

Complicated designs that work well on T-shirts will probably not look good when embroidered on a cap, as simple designs tend to work better on baseball caps. A basic minimalist design with clean tight lines works well. A design with one or two colours often looks better than one made with multicoloured threads.

Threads can be flat or raised for a 3D look. Both techniques are fine, so choose the one that looks better to you.

The design can be embroidered on the visor or the crown. Most designers choose a centrally positioned design on the crown, but a small off-center embroidery on the visor can look good too.

The size of the main embroidery is affected by the profile of the hat. A large design on a low-profile hat may look out of proportion.

As well as front embroidery, a small embroidered design on the side of the cap offer great aesthetics.

A good designer will have a graphics program they can use to display an image of a Flexfit cap with their embroidery design on it. This will give a good idea of how the finished cap will look. A 3D graphics program can rotate the cap images to show how the cap looks at all angles.

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Three reasons why sportspeople wear Flexfit custom caps

Flexfit baseball caps are the favourite caps for many sportspeople and the teams they play for. There are three top reasons why Flexfit baseball caps are worn by these athletic individuals.

1. Function

When playing sports, people need a cap that is comfortable, fits well so that it will not fall off, and does not restrict movement. Flexfit baseball caps, with their large visors, protect the eyes from the sun and keep the head cool in the harsh heat. The sweatbands prevent odour and damp, keeping the head cool and dry.

2. Identity

Custom Flexfit caps are an excellent way to display a team’s logo. Both fans and the players wear their team caps. In sports like football, where team players do not wear caps on the pitch, they are seen wearing custom caps when not playing. Teams can make a lot of money by selling team branded merchandise, including the caps fans want to wear.

3. Sponsorship

Lastly, it’s important to remember that sports clubs and individual sportspeople make extra income from their partnerships with brands. In return for revenue, sportsmen and women wear clothing that contains the sponsorship company’s brand logo. Formula One racing car drivers, for example, wear baseball caps covered in sponsorship logos.

At Flexfit, we understand how baseball caps can raise the brand awareness of sports clubs and companies that sponsor sports. Our custom cap team will help you design a unique item to promote your sports activities.

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