Flexfit Technology

Developing future generation of innovative technologies is in our DNA

with outstanding technologies and professional expertise, Yupoong Flexfit have been on the forefront on developing trends in the global market place

With an eye towards the next generation in innovative technology, Yupoong Flexfit brings its professionalism, expertise and tech knowhow to remain at the sharp end of emerging trends within the world headwear market.

Yupoong has never been a company to settle for a “that’s the way we’ve always done it” approach. Going back to 1974, its innovation spawned from rough sketches and creative thinking. The start of this was the use of poly-weave elastane – a material now the primary component of the Flexfit cap.

Yupoong technology has gone under constant review and development over the years, and that’s a great reason for us to devote a section of our site to the ground-breaking technology we use. Explore the cutting-edge ideas that form the basis for our caps, and learn how our technological thinking helps us develop the ultimate headwear.

Yupoong and innovation come hand in hand, and we believe this needs to continue if headwear is to keep on pushing boundaries. Among our high-tech developments are caps that can deter mosquitos, anti-bacterial and odour-reducing tape, and climate-friendly features. Even products to assist the immune system are being worked on.

Design Programme

Express yourself with our bespoke service. Designed to help you create your own unique collection of headwear, it’s time to set your own standard of style. We are dedicated to bringing your vision to life, this is the bespoke service.

Range of Styles

We have given birth to 5 unique styles of baseball caps and named these FLEXFIT, 110, 210, CLASSICS and welcome FLEXFIT DELTA (the latest addition) to the Yupoong family. We invite you to discover our range of bespoke caps

Production Facilities

Aiming to focus above the regulated international standards, Yupoong Inc has developed and advanced manufacturing facility to achieve superior standards to comply with the regulations of the international labour law