Flexfit® Cap

The One and Only Original

Flexfit Cap

    Creating the most comfortable cap available – an ambitious yet simple goal we strive to achieve at FF Headwear.

    We don’t create the perfect fit by chance – our caps are built on a framework of special technology. We apply science within the construction process, helping our caps fit all kinds of head sizes and using innovation to reach new levels of headwear flexibility and comfort. Not surprisingly, we’ve found that the industry has embraced our patented techniques.

    With excellent ergonomics and cutting-edge techniques at their core, our caps are truly ground-breaking. Methods like combining elastane and polyurethane to form a pioneering sweatband show how we’re not afraid to try new techniques. In fact, the innovation we use, means that the fibres we use are able to run through the crown of the cap, accentuating the perfect fit and total snugness for all wearers.

    Our caps offer such a comfortable and secure fit, each one feels tailor-made to its wearer. The materials we use are approved internationally and we steer 100% clear of harmful chemicals and other substances.

    Our innovative approach sees us look for new ways to change the headwear industry, ranging from Cool & Dry technology to keep your head fresh in any weather, to developing caps able to deter mosquitos.

    The unmistakable nature of Flexfit caps is delivered by the likes of their eye-catching labels, tags, stickers on the visor and advanced sweatband. Materials like buckram are used at the front and centre of the crown to give it strength and structure. Though often small, these touches are carefully researched and add real quality to our caps, so little wonder that so many respected brands choose them.

    Customisation is key to us too, which is why we offer a range of panel options and the addition of our patented Permacurv® peak to allow your visor shape to be just right.