Manufacturing Innovative Excellence

What compliance and social responsibility mean to us:

Production Facilities

For FF Headwear, simply meeting international standards is not enough. It’s advanced manufacturing centre is designed to go above and beyond in complying with world labour laws. We believe that appreciation and gratitude are fundament to our employees’ productivity and wellbeing, and we could not be as successful as we are without them.

With cutting-edge facilities in Vietnam and Bangladesh that push the boundaries of scientific manufacturing, our levels of vendor compliance are recognised worldwide in the form of certifications. During manufacture, every one of our processes, components, materials and trims is selected for full compliance with the international ethics upon which our brand is built.

As well as strong corporate ethics, unbeatable quality control is at the heart of what we do. Our Six Sigma system helps us achieve this and make sure that every hat we produce is as good as the first. Should anything be causing defects, this will immediately be identified and corrected, all but eradicating errors in our manufacturing process.

With Six Sigma, almost all (99.96%) of our total production comes under close inspection to ensure that there are no defects in any of our headwear items. To reflect this, we introduced the ‘Zero Defect System’ in 2012. This extends right through our manufacturing network and promises you a cap without any manufacturing glitches at all.