Flexfit Delta 180

The Flexfit Delta 180 takes the classic baseball style cap and makes it lighter, sleeker, smarter and more modern.

The cap has six seamless panels that reveal no stitches. Thermal regulating technology keeps the head cool in hot weather and warm in chilly weather. Antibacterial and odour resistant sweatbands inside the cap crown keep the cap and wearer’s head dry, stain and odour free.

The visor is lighter than most baseball caps, making it feel more comfortable. The visor keeps the face in shadow under the scorching sun and easily repels water in the rain.

The Flexfit Delta 180 is a premium quality cap that is ideal for sportswear and outdoors. It also looks stylish in city streets. It fits well on all head sizes and will not fall off when exercising or playing sports. It is available in a variety of stylish colours. Its curved visor will spring back into shape after folding.

The Flexfit Delta 180 cap can be branded with your own logo or slogans to make it unique to your brand. They can be used as corporate gifts or can be sold as your own branded hat range. Customized branded hats associate your business with premium quality and style. Your customers will appreciate that the caps are made only using materials that exceed international environmental standards. Flexfit zero defect production systems makes sure that all your caps are made to the highest standards and are manufactured to last.

People that wear Flexfit Delta 180 hats want to be known for their sense of style and the use of top class technology that makes their headwear suitable for wearing in all weather conditions. The way they fit and their lightweight seamless construction make them the most comfortable baseball style cap that you can wear without compromising their stylish looks.

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Flexfit Blank Caps

Flexfit blank caps are ready to be branded with your own identity. They can be used as promotional items for your business or branded by retailers as their own label headwear.

The first step to making your Flexfit blank cap your own is to choose the style and colour. Select the Original Flexfit, the Classics Snapback, the Classics Adjustable, the 110 Cap, the 210 Cap, Flexfit Delta or knits. All these caps look stylish, are fine quality caps and include innovative technology.

Next, you need to create a design to go on your Flexfit blank cap. This could be a logo, an image or a slogan. Your design should create a statement, an image of your brand and the values it stands for.

The design can be flat-printed or embroidered into the cap. Embroidering can be with a 3D effect or you may prefer a flatter look. For a luxury look, your image can be printed on a small leather patch stitched onto the cap. Your brand can be attached to the visor or on any position on the crown of the cap.

Minimum quantities are low, and lead times are short. This means that the Flexfit Black Cap Program is the ideal way to produce hats to test the market and the appeal of your branded caps.

Flexfit caps are produced to very high standards using materials that exceed international environmental standards. The people who wear your customised hats will associate your name with quality and style. They will love the practicality of the caps, their comfortable fit, visors that don’t lose their shape, and cutting-edge technology that protects their heads in hot weather.

Talk to the Flexfit Blank Program team to discover how to turn one of our blank caps into an in-demand fashion item.

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Flexfit Baseball Caps

Flexfit baseball caps offer the perfect combination of classic style and innovative technology.

Baseball caps have been around a long time but never seem to lose their appeal to fashion-conscious wearers. Baseball caps are worn by people of many ages and outlooks. An elderly conservative president of the United States wears one proudly, as do music and film stars whose perspectives on life are completely opposite to the President’s.

Baseball caps are not restricted to extreme sports and outdoor adventure enthusiasts. A person walking down the city streets in a Flexfit baseball cap is making a strong fashion statement.

There are a number of options that make your cap suit your style. Flexfit baseball caps are available in various fabrics, including cotton-rich, premium wool blend and polyester fabrics. Choose from a wide number of colours for single colour caps, or two-tone caps with contrasting panels or visors.

Visors can be flat or curved and the hat can be made with four to six panels.

For a unique cap, brand the hat with your own logo or slogan. Your caps can be given as gifts or sold under your own label brand.

Flexfit baseball caps are, of course, not just made to look good; they are extremely practical too. Several innovative technology developments provide technical advantages. Permacurve makes sure that the visor springs back into shape after roughly folding. Our sophisticated technology can also keep your head sweat free and cool in hot climates.

Flexfit and Snapback technology makes your cap fit well for all head sizes. Flexfit baseball caps are comfortable to wear all day and will not fall off when performing extreme sports or other vigorous activities.

Flexfit baseball caps are available at leading retailers, or why not order bulk bespoke caps from the Flexfit design service team?

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