What’s so different about the Flexfit Trucker Hat?

Baseball style hats come in many styles, but from a distance, many of them are difficult to tell apart. What makes the Flexfit Trucker Hat different is the easily spotted mesh side panels and the visor made with foam.

Why the name ‘Trucker’?

Trucker hats were named because unsurprisingly they were first worn by American truck drivers. Drivers often did not have to pay for their trucker hats as they were given away at truck stops by drink, feed suppliers, oil, and farming equipment companies. Truck drivers became walking advertisements for brands. They also became popular with US farmers.

In the early 2000s, trucker hats turned into a mainstream fashion item worn by hip-hop artists, skateboarders and celebrities.

Fashion, protection and advertising

There are three main reasons why people wear Flexfit Trucker Hats. Firstly, they are fashionable. They are used to complement an outfit. Some wearers have several Flexfit Trucker Hats in different colours to go with different outfits.

Though truckers are regarded as casual wear, some wear them with more formal outfits for a smart-casual look.

The second reason to wear a Flexfit cap is for protection. On hot Middle East days, the harsh sun can burn the head. The Flexfit Trucker Hat protects the head from the sun, while the mesh panels allow air to circulate so that the head is not too hot. The visor provides shade for the face.

The third reason is advertising. Many people have loyalty to a brand and are happy to wear a trucker hat with a company logo. People who support a cause, environmental or political, often like to advertise this with a slogan stitched or printed on their trucker hat.

Some prefer a plain Yupoong Trucker Hat with a Yupoong brand patch. They like to advertise the brand because it has a reputation for quality and style.

Just as the original wearers of the trucker hat, American truckers, were happy to advertise brands, modern people in the Middle East are happy to do so.

Making Yupoong Trucker Hats unique

The Yupoong Trucker Hat is ideal for creating a customised cap for a business or organisation. Logos and slogans can be added to the cap, stitched or printed to the visor or the crown. Yupoong Trucker Hats are available in a variety of colours to match a business’s style.

The hats are designed so that they adjust to all head sizes. An organisation does not have to worry about ordering a range of hat sizes.

Flexfit Trucker Hats have almost universal appeal, worn by a variety of different types of people. They are sure to appeal to your target brand audience.

Business love Yupoong Trucker Hats because they are a quality product, well made to last a long time. Wearers of the hat love both their stylish looks and the comfort of their fit.

This best way to appreciate the Trucker is to try one on. They are available from leading clothing and sportswear retailers.

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What’s so special about the Flexfit Delta 180?

The Flexfit Delta 180 is a revolutionary cap that is sleek, smart and light.

Special lightweight construction

On most baseball-style hats, you can clearly see the stitching of the panels. The Flexfit Delta 180 has switchless fused panels that are made from 92% polyester with 8% spandex. This is a strong hat that is also lighter than conventional baseball caps.


The Flexfit Delta 180 is stylish but is also very functional. Its three-layer sweatband absorbs sweat, prevents stains and blocks odour. The caps fabric repels water, and lightweight hard buckram provides extra strength without adding much extra weight.

The Delta 180 can be worn in all weathers and will protect the head. On hot days, it helps keep the head in the shade, remaining cool and dry. It’s an ideal cap for wearing while playing sports or exercising.

Its lightweight design makes this cap extremely comfortable to wear when playing sport, jogging or other vigorous exercises. It fits so well so that it will not fall off when exercising.

The Flexfit Delta 180 cap may look fragile, but looks are deceiving as it is made to last using high-standard materials and manufacturing processes. This strength is not at the expense of the environment, as all materials and manufacturing processes used to make Flexfit caps follow strict environmental guidelines that exceed those stated by international environmental organisations.


The clean style of the Delta 180 Cap creates a different look to other baseball caps. Available in a range of classic colours, these hats are designed to be seen. They look stylish in the rural environment, in the desert or walking down city streets. Though primarily casual wear, they can be paired with more formal outfits.

Premium brand

The Flexfit Delta 180 caps may cost a little more than imitators, but can still be bought without breaking the bank. They are a premium brand that says that the wearer cares about their image appreciates quality.

Flexfit makes the Delta 180 cap using top class manufacturing processes that make sure every cap is made well and will last a long time, even when roughly handled.

If your company or organisations want to be associated with a premium brand, you can customise the Flexfit Delta 180 by adding your own brand logo or slogan. If you own a high-profile brand, your customised hats can be sold as an upmarket own label hat range or can be given away to select clients as promotional products. The hats look so good that people will not hesitate to promote your brand by wearing your logo on their heads.

The Yupoong custom program team is on hand to make your range of Delta unique, with branding able to be printed or embroidered on the caps.

Get a feel for the Delta

The Flexfit Delta 180 blends stylish sleek looks with practicality. The only way to truly appreciate them is to try one on. You can find Flexfit caps at leading clothing stores, sportswear retailers and online sellers.

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The Flexfit 6277 Wooly Combed cap – not what it seems!

The Flexfit 6277 Wooly Combed Cap looks and feels like combed wool, but is not actually made from wool at all. It is a polyester, spandex and cotton blend. This provides all the advantages of a modern fabric with the traditional look of wool.

Wool is a great looking fabric, but is not the most suitable material for wearing under the scorching sun. The Flexfit 6277 Wooly Combed cap keeps the head cool, and the visor provides much needed shade.

Style and quality

The Flexfit Wooly Combed cap is available in a wide range of classic colours. Some prefer the look of the two-tone models with contrasting visor and crown shades. The Wooly Combed cap is available in youth, adult and extra-large sizes to fit all heads.

Hard buckram strengthens the cap. The under visor is silver and has eight distinctive rows of stitching. This is a mid-profile cap with a curved visor that keeps its shape thanks to Flexfit’s Permacurv® technology.

Who wears the Flexfit 6277 Wooly Combed cap?

There is not a typical person that wears the 6277, because the caps appeal to a wide range of people, whether they are young or old, male or female.

Perhaps what draws people to these caps is that the combed wool look makes them distinctive and different to most other caps of their kind.

The snug fit of the caps makes them comfortable to wear and they will not fall off when exercising. This means they are especially good for people who like playing sport, skateboarding, running or any other outdoor activities. The 6277 cap style matched with more formal wear makes a dramatic impression in the city streets. Wearers love these caps so much that they often don’t take them off when going indoors.

Baseball-style caps originated in the USA, but are now international fashion items worn by all nationalities and cultures.

Making Flexfit 6277 Wooly caps unique

The Flexfit 6277 Wooly Combed Cap can be customised with a logo or slogan. They can be sold as own label branded caps, or used as promotional products to raise brand awareness.

Blank Flexfit caps can be ordered wholesale ready to be customized with your own unique designs to turn them into a fashion item.

The original Flexfit cap was developed over 20 years ago. Like all our caps, the 6277 range is manufactured to the highest standards and is a premium quality item.

Wearers of Flexfit caps are assured that we use materials and manufacturing processes that exceed international environmental standards.

Try one on

The best way to appreciate the qualities of the Flexfit 6277 Wooly Combed cap is to try one on. You can find them in leading clothing and sportswear retailers. If you do not know your local stockist, get in touch with us for a list of stockists in your area.

To learn more about the Flexfit custom and blank cap program and how our 6277 caps can benefit your organisation, contact us today.

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What makes the Flexfit 110 cap so popular?

We find the Flexfit 110 to be a very popular cap, and there are many reasons for this.

One size fits all

Perhaps the main reason why people choose the Flexfit 110 is for how it fits. The term 110 indicates that one size of cap fits ten sizes of heads. When purchasing a 110 cap, you don’t have to worry about buying the right size, because the unique adjustable technology means that the cap will fit.


A cap that fits but is too tight is not comfortable to wear. Flexfit 110 caps adjust to your head snugly so that it feels comfortable to wear for prolonged periods.

Other caps may seem to fit, but they fall off when active. Flexfit 110 caps will stay on your head during vigorous exercise, jogging or playing extreme sports.

Style choices

There are many style options available in the Flexfit 110 cap range. Choose a full panel cap, or if you just want to protect your face from the sun, the Flexfit visor is a good choice.

There are many colours to choose from. Select a single colour cap or a two-tone one that has contrasting visor and crown shaded.

Custom caps

Businesses and organisations love Flexfit 110 caps because they can be branded with company logos and custom designs. Images or text can be printed or embroidered on the cap crown or visor. Caps can be given away as promotional products or sold as own label caps.

Due to one size fitting all heads, businesses do not have to worry about their caps fitting. They can be given away at trade fairs, promotion events and when clients purchase goods or services. They are very cost effective and can generate extra business.

People love wearing quality caps, and businesses benefit from their brand being seen in more places.


People wear Flexfit 110 caps in many different settings, including walking outside or playing extreme sports.

Baseball-style caps are worn by all types of people who appreciate the stylish looks and the practicality of Flexfit 110 caps. Though seen as leisurewear, they can be paired with more formal clothing for a bold look.

People in the Middle East appreciate both stylish design and quality. Flexfit 110 caps look good, are extremely comfortable to wear, and are practical.

A trusted company

Yupoong has been making baseball-style caps for many years. We are passionate about making caps, and over the years have developed several innovative technologies that are built into our caps. Our Zero Defect manufacturing standards means that 110 caps are premium quality.

Our customers trust us to make caps that will last and will withstand rough handling. We care about the environment too and our customers trust that the materials and manufacturing process used in 110 caps do not harm the environment.

No reason needed

There are many reasons to wear a Flexfit 110 cap, but you do not need to know the reason you love the 110 cap – simply buy one and enjoy wearing it!

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