Can caps become smarter?

Can caps become smarter?

Flexfit baseball caps are the perfect combination of technology and style, but what can the headwear industry do to remain innovative and at the cutting edge of development in the coming years?

The Flexfit range of caps, which includes the Flexfit Delta, Snapback and 110 are based on classic baseball cap designs but bought up to date with technology that keeps the head cool and dry on hot days. Flexfit has developed Permacurv® too, which makes sure that the visor keeps its shape.

There is currently a trend for fitness devices that measure heart rate, calorie consumption, body temperature and so on. These are usually worn or incorporated in wristwatches such as the Apple watch. They connect to a smartphone app that processes the information they transmit and this can be used to monitor fitness progress. They are ideal for people who want to review their fitness progress.

Flexfit caps are often worn by people when taking part in sports or exercise activities, so incorporating fitness trackers in Flexfit hats may seem a logical step. We are always keen to apply innovation here at Flexfit, although we are aware that any technological introductions should not compromise on the aesthetics, function and comfort of the caps.

We are confident that Flexfit caps both look and act smart, and if the wearer desires, they can easily be manually fitted with trackers or other electronic devices. If there is an overwhelming demand from Flexfit hat wearers for caps that incorporate digital connectivity, we will of course take this into consideration in our quest to always be at the forefront of the headwear industry.