The universal appeal of Flexfit baseball caps

Flexfit baseball caps

Flexfit baseball caps appeal to a wide variety of people of all ages. They offer the ideal combination of style and practicality.

Worn everywhere

Baseball caps were first noticed when worn by American baseball players, but now they tend to be seen everywhere. Models wore bright red baseball hats on the runways of New York fashion week, and President Donald Trump is seen wearing his hat when playing golf. Not to be outdone, his predecessor Barack Obama has also been photographed wearing his.

Celebrities such as Halle Berry, Chance the Rapper, and Meghan Trainer proudly wear baseball caps when caught on camera too.

Though some associate the baseball cap as quintessentially American, its appeal stretches far beyond the United States. Baseball caps are worn in just about every country in the world, especially in the Middle East, where they are seen as stylish and practical in guarding against the intense sun.

The spreading appeal of the baseball cap

As early as 1854, members of the amateur baseball club, Brooklyn Excelsiors wore six panelled caps with high crowns, which are the ancestors of the modern baseball cap. In the 1950s, the fitted cap was introduced and this became the standard item for baseball players.

In the 1940s many Americans began to wear caps in their favourite team’s colours away from the baseball field. Companies began to brand caps with their logos. They were given away to working men, particularly truck drivers and farm workers.

Baseball caps were associated with American blue-collar workers and baseball fans until the 1980s, when Hollywood and television stars like Ron Howard and Tom Selleck were seen donning them. Hip-hop artists adopted baseball caps as their uniform, while skateboarders wore baseball caps because they looked stylish and stayed on the head when performing high-speed stunts.

Images of celebrities wearing baseball caps were seen all over the world. People copied the fashion style of their celebrity role models, and wearing baseball caps spread outside of America.

The distinguishing feature of baseball caps is that they appeal to both the young and older generations. From children to old men, baseball caps have a universal appeal.

Not all baseball caps are the same

There are many baseball cap manufacturers. You can buy cheap baseball caps that will not last long. Flexfit baseball caps stand out from the crowd because they look stylish and are made well from quality materials.

Flexfit have developed a number of innovative technologies that make their caps stand out in the crowded baseball cap market. These technologies keep the head cool and dry in the hot sun, make sure that the caps fit well and are extremely comfortable to wear.

Many people all over the world are concerned about the environment and global warming. Flexfit shares these concerns and makes sure that all materials and manufacturing processes we use exceed international environmental standards.

Flexfit caps are not worn because wearers want to follow a fashion trend. Their universal appeal is based on being stylish, practical, premium quality, durable and extremely comfortable.