What parts are in the Flexfit cap?

Flexfit cap

A Flexfit cap has many parts that combine to make caps that are practical and stylish.

The crown is constructed from panels stitched together. Trucker hats have two mesh panels to provide ventilation. The panels are made from blended fabrics that look good and are practical; these include cotton blend, wool blend and polyester.

The visor is attached to the crown and shades the eyes on sunny days, while the closure is the strap at the back of the hat that adjusts to fit the head comfortably.

Eyelets are round holes at the top of panels. They are designed to keep the head cool.

At the top of the hat is the button. This actually has no practical purpose as the panels would still stay together without it, but it adds a finishing touch to the aesthetics.

The sweatband is at the base of the crown inside the hat. It catches sweat and stops it from dripping. Many Flexfit sweatbands have antibacterial and anti-odor qualities.

The crown, visor, adjusting straps, eyelets, the button and sweatband are the basic components of a Flexfit cap, but there are many variations of design that create the wide range of headwear we offer. Stitching can be obvious or hidden, visors can be a different colour to the crown, the profile of the crown can range from low to high, and visors can be flat or curved. The multiple style combinations and colours mean that there are hundreds of Flexfit caps to choose from.

Customising caps with prints or embroidered logos makes caps unique, so choose the Flexfit cap that matches your lifestyle.