What makes the Flexfit 110 cap so popular?

What makes the Flexfit 110 cap so popular

We find the Flexfit 110 to be a very popular cap, and there are many reasons for this.

One size fits all

Perhaps the main reason why people choose the Flexfit 110 is for how it fits. The term 110 indicates that one size of cap fits ten sizes of heads. When purchasing a 110 cap, you don’t have to worry about buying the right size, because the unique adjustable technology means that the cap will fit.


A cap that fits but is too tight is not comfortable to wear. Flexfit 110 caps adjust to your head snugly so that it feels comfortable to wear for prolonged periods.

Other caps may seem to fit, but they fall off when active. Flexfit 110 caps will stay on your head during vigorous exercise, jogging or playing extreme sports.

Style choices

There are many style options available in the Flexfit 110 cap range. Choose a full panel cap, or if you just want to protect your face from the sun, the Flexfit visor is a good choice.

There are many colours to choose from. Select a single colour cap or a two-tone one that has contrasting visor and crown shaded.

Custom caps

Businesses and organisations love Flexfit 110 caps because they can be branded with company logos and custom designs. Images or text can be printed or embroidered on the cap crown or visor. Caps can be given away as promotional products or sold as own label caps.

Due to one size fitting all heads, businesses do not have to worry about their caps fitting. They can be given away at trade fairs, promotion events and when clients purchase goods or services. They are very cost effective and can generate extra business.

People love wearing quality caps, and businesses benefit from their brand being seen in more places.


People wear Flexfit 110 caps in many different settings, including walking outside or playing extreme sports.

Baseball-style caps are worn by all types of people who appreciate the stylish looks and the practicality of Flexfit 110 caps. Though seen as leisurewear, they can be paired with more formal clothing for a bold look.

People in the Middle East appreciate both stylish design and quality. Flexfit 110 caps look good, are extremely comfortable to wear, and are practical.

A trusted company

Yupoong has been making baseball-style caps for many years. We are passionate about making caps, and over the years have developed several innovative technologies that are built into our caps. Our Zero Defect manufacturing standards means that 110 caps are premium quality.

Our customers trust us to make caps that will last and will withstand rough handling. We care about the environment too and our customers trust that the materials and manufacturing process used in 110 caps do not harm the environment.

No reason needed

There are many reasons to wear a Flexfit 110 cap, but you do not need to know the reason you love the 110 cap – simply buy one and enjoy wearing it!