Flexfit baseball hats complement the monochrome look

Monochrome Look

The Flexfit baseball cap is a versatile fashion item that can be worn with many looks. A popular fashion trend is the monochrome look that mixes dark shade clothes with white. A Flexfit baseball cap is a great addition that enhances the monochrome look.

Jeans, shirt, blazer, and cap

A classic look is to wear a Flexfit baseball cap over a dark coloured pair of jeans with a white shirt and blazer. A black or grey cap looks good to make this dark and white style feel smart but casual.


For a monochrome minimalist look, wear black chinos, a black jacket, a white T-shirt with a black Yupoong baseball cap. Choose loose-fitting chinos with a tailored jacket. A black or dark grey denim jacket works well with this monochrome look to make it both classy and casual.

Printed pattern

Adding a patterned garment to the monochrome look adds a dramatic touch. The pattern can be black and white to fit in with the monochrome style, but other dark colours can add muted contrast.

Try wearing a printed raincoat over black trousers, white T-shirt with white trainers, and a black Flexfit baseball cap. Wear smart trousers and a black or grey baseball cap, to make you look smart. This look is practical if it rains, the raincoat, and baseball cap will keep you dry.

How to wear your Flexfit baseball cap with the monochrome look

A dark grey or black baseball cap looks great with the monochrome look. You could also wear a white cap or a two-tone black and white cap. A baseball cap is a great addition to a casual look but also works well with a casual style that has smarter elements, such as tailored jackets and formal trousers.

In the ‘90s, top fashion designer Chanel created baseball caps with oversize visors that were worn on the catwalk by models wearing black formal dresses, and large pearl necklaces that reached down to their waist. This showed that the monochrome look matched with a baseball cap can work with more formal garments. Most people believe that there is a rule that says baseball caps are casual wear, but bold designers understand that such rules are there to be broken.

Make the monochrome look your own

To make the monochrome fashion look unique to you, customise a Flexfit baseball cap. Take a black, dark grey, or white Flexfit cap and embroider or print your own design on it. Then, match it with your monochrome outfit for a unique personal style. Businesses can brand Flexfit baseball caps with their own brand to create a customised monochrome range of caps.

Fashionable and practical

The great thing about wearing a Flexfit baseball cap with a monochrome outfit is that it makes you look fashionable, but the hats are also very practical. A Flexfit baseball hat will protect you in the hot sun and the rain. They look equally good on men and women, whether they are wearing monochrome clothes or prefer a more colourful style.