What’s so different about the Flexfit Trucker Hat?

What’s so different about the Flexfit Trucker Hat?

Baseball style hats come in many styles, but from a distance, many of them are difficult to tell apart. What makes the Flexfit Trucker Hat different is the easily spotted mesh side panels and the visor made with foam.

Why the name ‘Trucker’?

Trucker hats were named because unsurprisingly they were first worn by American truck drivers. Drivers often did not have to pay for their trucker hats as they were given away at truck stops by drink, feed suppliers, oil, and farming equipment companies. Truck drivers became walking advertisements for brands. They also became popular with US farmers.

In the early 2000s, trucker hats turned into a mainstream fashion item worn by hip-hop artists, skateboarders and celebrities.

Fashion, protection and advertising

There are three main reasons why people wear Flexfit Trucker Hats. Firstly, they are fashionable. They are used to complement an outfit. Some wearers have several Flexfit Trucker Hats in different colours to go with different outfits.

Though truckers are regarded as casual wear, some wear them with more formal outfits for a smart-casual look.

The second reason to wear a Flexfit cap is for protection. On hot Middle East days, the harsh sun can burn the head. The Flexfit Trucker Hat protects the head from the sun, while the mesh panels allow air to circulate so that the head is not too hot. The visor provides shade for the face.

The third reason is advertising. Many people have loyalty to a brand and are happy to wear a trucker hat with a company logo. People who support a cause, environmental or political, often like to advertise this with a slogan stitched or printed on their trucker hat.

Some prefer a plain Yupoong Trucker Hat with a Yupoong brand patch. They like to advertise the brand because it has a reputation for quality and style.

Just as the original wearers of the trucker hat, American truckers, were happy to advertise brands, modern people in the Middle East are happy to do so.

Making Yupoong Trucker Hats unique

The Yupoong Trucker Hat is ideal for creating a customised cap for a business or organisation. Logos and slogans can be added to the cap, stitched or printed to the visor or the crown. Yupoong Trucker Hats are available in a variety of colours to match a business’s style.

The hats are designed so that they adjust to all head sizes. An organisation does not have to worry about ordering a range of hat sizes.

Flexfit Trucker Hats have almost universal appeal, worn by a variety of different types of people. They are sure to appeal to your target brand audience.

Business love Yupoong Trucker Hats because they are a quality product, well made to last a long time. Wearers of the hat love both their stylish looks and the comfort of their fit.

This best way to appreciate the Trucker is to try one on. They are available from leading clothing and sportswear retailers.