Flexfit Dubai

Flexfit Dubai

The Flexfit Middle East Office supplies premium quality headwear to Dubai.

Flexfit has built its reputation by creating stylish baseball style hats with quality innovative features. Our range of caps is designed to look stylish and be extremely practical.

Over more than 40 years, Flexfit has invested heavily in research and development. This has resulted in technologies like Permacurve, which solves the problem of cap visors going out of shape if bent or adjusted regularly by the wearer.

At Flexfit, Dubai is a city in our veins. Flexfit caps are designed to handle the hot Dubai weather. Sweatbands absorb moisture and prevent odour, and top-of-the-range technology keeps the head cool and dry. When you enter a cooler air-conditioned building, Flexfit caps will still keep the head feeling warm and comfortable.

Dubai residents love sports, so it’s just as well that Flexfit caps will stay on your head when taking part in energetic sporting activities.

Our caps are available at leading Dubai outlets under the Flexfit brand. The Flexfit Blank Program is a way to brand your own Flexfit cap with your own logo or slogans. You can sell your branded caps under your own label brand in Dubai. Businesses can have their own branded caps made to give away as promotional gifts.

Loved by businesses, Flexfit caps can help associate brands with quality products. There may be cheaper brands available, but Dubai people are happy to pay a little more for premium products that are made with the highest production values, and manufactured to last.

All materials used to make Flexfit caps exceed international environmental standards, which is another reason for choosing Flexfit.

If you would like to sell Flexfit caps in Dubai, contact the Flexfit Dubai office for details on how you can benefit from our name and experience.