The Flexfit 6277 Wooly Combed cap – not what it seems!

The Flexfit 6277 Wooly Combed cap – not what it seems!

The Flexfit 6277 Wooly Combed Cap looks and feels like combed wool, but is not actually made from wool at all. It is a polyester, spandex and cotton blend. This provides all the advantages of a modern fabric with the traditional look of wool.

Wool is a great looking fabric, but is not the most suitable material for wearing under the scorching sun. The Flexfit 6277 Wooly Combed cap keeps the head cool, and the visor provides much needed shade.

Style and quality

The Flexfit Wooly Combed cap is available in a wide range of classic colours. Some prefer the look of the two-tone models with contrasting visor and crown shades. The Wooly Combed cap is available in youth, adult and extra-large sizes to fit all heads.

Hard buckram strengthens the cap. The under visor is silver and has eight distinctive rows of stitching. This is a mid-profile cap with a curved visor that keeps its shape thanks to Flexfit’s Permacurv® technology.

Who wears the Flexfit 6277 Wooly Combed cap?

There is not a typical person that wears the 6277, because the caps appeal to a wide range of people, whether they are young or old, male or female.

Perhaps what draws people to these caps is that the combed wool look makes them distinctive and different to most other caps of their kind.

The snug fit of the caps makes them comfortable to wear and they will not fall off when exercising. This means they are especially good for people who like playing sport, skateboarding, running or any other outdoor activities. The 6277 cap style matched with more formal wear makes a dramatic impression in the city streets. Wearers love these caps so much that they often don’t take them off when going indoors.

Baseball-style caps originated in the USA, but are now international fashion items worn by all nationalities and cultures.

Making Flexfit 6277 Wooly caps unique

The Flexfit 6277 Wooly Combed Cap can be customised with a logo or slogan. They can be sold as own label branded caps, or used as promotional products to raise brand awareness.

Blank Flexfit caps can be ordered wholesale ready to be customized with your own unique designs to turn them into a fashion item.

The original Flexfit cap was developed over 20 years ago. Like all our caps, the 6277 range is manufactured to the highest standards and is a premium quality item.

Wearers of Flexfit caps are assured that we use materials and manufacturing processes that exceed international environmental standards.

Try one on

The best way to appreciate the qualities of the Flexfit 6277 Wooly Combed cap is to try one on. You can find them in leading clothing and sportswear retailers. If you do not know your local stockist, get in touch with us for a list of stockists in your area.

To learn more about the Flexfit custom and blank cap program and how our 6277 caps can benefit your organisation, contact us today.