A brief guide to designing an embroidered Flexfit cap

Embroidered Flexfit cap

At Flexfit, we produce custom caps that make great promotional products for a business or to be sold as own label caps, and there is an art to designing the embroidery that goes onto your caps.

Complicated designs that work well on T-shirts will probably not look good when embroidered on a cap, as simple designs tend to work better on baseball caps. A basic minimalist design with clean tight lines works well. A design with one or two colours often looks better than one made with multicoloured threads.

Threads can be flat or raised for a 3D look. Both techniques are fine, so choose the one that looks better to you.

The design can be embroidered on the visor or the crown. Most designers choose a centrally positioned design on the crown, but a small off-center embroidery on the visor can look good too.

The size of the main embroidery is affected by the profile of the hat. A large design on a low-profile hat may look out of proportion.

As well as front embroidery, a small embroidered design on the side of the cap offer great aesthetics.

A good designer will have a graphics program they can use to display an image of a Flexfit cap with their embroidery design on it. This will give a good idea of how the finished cap will look. A 3D graphics program can rotate the cap images to show how the cap looks at all angles.