The baseball cap – a must-have fashion item

Baseball cap

Flexfit baseball caps are a stylish looking and practical piece of headwear. Baseball caps have been adopted by top fashion designers and worn by style icons, and this has turned them from casual wear to high-demand fashion wear.

Designers and celebrities

In 2016 Gucci’s resort show featured models wearing sequined covered baseball caps with long gowns and chandelier earrings. Gucci is not the only top designer to feature baseball caps; internationally famous designers Giorgio Armani, Ralph Loren and Vivienne Westwood have featured baseball caps at their shows.

Celebrities including Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and Beyoncé have had pictures published on social media showing them wearing baseball caps. Celebrities and designers have made baseball caps accepted as a fashion statement.

Quality that does not cost the earth

Many hats featured at designer fashion shows cost a fortune and are not very practical. The great thing about Flexfit baseball caps is that they are premium quality caps that don’t cost the earth. They are produced without damaging the earth either. All the materials used in their construction, and the industrial processes used by Flexfit, exceed environmental standards set by international bodies.

Making a unique fashion statement

Flexfit baseball caps can be customised with an image to make them unique. They can be branded with a logo or slogan. A designer can add their own custom image that is printed or embroidered onto the cap.

Sold as an own-brand range of baseball caps, Flexfit custom caps make a fashion statement that communicates the style and values of a brand.

People love Flexfit baseball caps for their winning combination of good looks and practicality. Sequined caps may look great on the catwalk, but are impractical to wear in harsh sunlight, or when playing extreme sports. A baseball cap purely designed as a fashion item is in danger of falling off when moving. Flexfit baseball caps are designed to fit well, feel comfortable and stay on the head during vigorous exercise.

The Flexfit statement

Flexfit baseball caps are for people who want their fashion wear to have practical qualities as well as looking great. The statement a Flexfit baseball cap communicates is that the wearer cares about how they look, but equally cares about how their cap performs, how it functions in extreme weather conditions, and how it protects the wearer inside or outside under the harsh sun.

Flexfit has been making headwear for over 40 years and has become experts in the field. We have developed several innovative technologies that make out caps look superb and perform outstandingly. For example, Permacurve technology makes sure the cap visor retains its shape, either straight or curved according to the style of the wearer.

To find out how good Flexfit caps look and feel, try them on at a leading sportswear and clothing store. To have your own baseball cap fashion range, talk to a member of the Flexfit Custom Cap Team. With our help, you don’t have to be a top fashion designer to create unique fashionable Flexfit custom baseball caps.