Three great caps to wear in Dubai

Fashion conscious people in Dubai appreciate caps that both look stylish and are practical. Many like to wear baseball style caps that are fashionable and provide protection against the harsh sunlight. Here are the three great Flexfit caps to wear in this bustling Emirates city:

1. Camo Classic Snapback

The Camo Classic Snapback cap features a woodland camouflage pattern fabric with a 35% cotton content. The camouflage may not be very effective for making you blend into the Dubai desert environment, but looks great when in the city. The snap closure makes sure it fits well on all head sizes.

2. Flexfit Wooly Combed

Made from polyester (63%), cotton (34%) and spandex (3%), the Flexfit Wooly Combed cap gives the luxurious feeling of wool in any weather, making it ideal for Dubai’s hot days.

3. Cotton Twill Dad Hat

Though called a dad hat, this Flexfit hat is a classic cap that looks good on single men or women of all ages – and dads as well! It has eight rows of stitching on the curved visor and a six-panel construction. The Cotton Twill Dad Hat is made from 98% quality cotton and 2% spandex.

Dubai residents love playing sports and these caps are built to stay on the head during vigorous exercise. The hats are designed to be worn in the sun, but feel comfortable in air-conditioned buildings.

These three Flexfit hats stand out because of their quality and durability. They are designed for people who appreciate excellence.