How our Flexfit Delta caps cope with the hottest of climates

Flexfit caps are very practical headwear to wear in the hottest of climates. Our Flexfit Delta style in particular will keep your head protected under the harsh sun often hovering in the skies of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates.

Our baseball-style caps have large visors. Whether you select a straight visitor or curved, they will provide cooling shade for your face. Permacurv technology ensures that the visor keeps its shape at all times.

Flexfit develop technology creates caps that keep the head cool, have stain block resistance and prevent the build-up of sweat, Anti-bacterial headbands stop sweat odour, ensuring a Flexfit cap will keep your head cool and dry all day. They are designed to feel comfortable when worn in the heat for extended periods, not only protecting you from the sun, but also keeping your head dry if it rains.

Finding a cap that can cope with the hottest climate is important, but how you look in the cap is equally important. Flexfit caps have that timeless style that suits people of all ages. They are great-looking casual wear for in town or in the countryside. Sportspeople love them because they look great and keep their head cool during vigorous exercise.

Our quality caps manufactured to the highest standards. Wear your Flexfit cap all day in the hot sun, and you can still be sure it will last a long time.

Flexfit is a brand for people who want a cap that can cope with the hottest climates, looks stylish and is of premium quality.