How The Flexfit Delta 180 Sets The Standard

The Flexfit Delta 180 is a revolutionary cap that is sleeker, smarter, lighter and more comfortable.


The distinguishing feature of the Flexfit Delta 180 cap is the finish that fuses the cap panels without visible stitching. This creates a smarter look that updates the classic baseball style.


Wearers of the Flexfit Delta 180 cap do not just go for its great looks, they also appreciate the technology that Flexfit builds into the caps. Flexfit has been making quality baseball style caps for over 40 years. During that time, we have invested large sums in research and development to create technologies that make Flexfit caps a premium brand that is both stylish and practical.

Permacurv technology makes sure that the visors keep shape at all times.

A special three-layer sweatband absorbs moisture and guards against stains. This makes the Flexfit Delta 180 suitable for wearing under the hot sun or when performing energetic exercises. The Flexfit Delta 180 hat is made from fabric that repels water when it rains. Lightweight buckram increases strength without adding extra weight to the cap.


The Flexfit Delta 180 cap is extremely comfortable to wear. It comes in only two sizes, small to medium and large to extra-large. It adjusts to your head size to fit snugly and feels comfortable to wear all day long. It will not fall off when jogging, exercising or when taking part in sports events.


The Flexfit Delta 180 is styled on the classic baseball cap that is always fashionable. Young or old people love the Delta hat. You can see fashion-conscious people wearing them in city streets. Lovers of the outdoors wear caps on rural adventures or when hunting. They protect the head in the desert heat, but it can be worn indoors in air conditioned buildings.

The Flexfit Delta 180 cap is available in several classic colours. Its seamless look is great in any colour.

Making the Flexfit Delta 180 cap your own

You can try on and purchase the Flexfit Delta 180 cap at leading clothing and sportswear stores. If you have shops or an online business, you can purchase caps at wholesale prices to resell for extra business income.

There is the opportunity to partner with Flexfit to create your own branded Flexfit Delta 180 caps. Your logo and slogan can be printed or embroidered on the cap. Branding can be on the visor or the crown to make Delta caps unique to your own brand.

Delta caps can be sold as your own label brand or are ideal to give away as business promotional gifts. Flexfit Delta 180 caps are a premium product produced to the highest manufacturing standards. All materials and fabrics used in the design exceed international environmental standards. Your branded Flexfit Delta 180 caps will reflect your business’s commitment to high standards and quality products.

If you want a cap that is the perfect marriage of technology and style, wear a Flexfit Delta 180 cap.