What makes the baseball cap so popular?

The baseball-style cap is popular not only in the Middle East, but all over the world, so why is this?

The baseball cap appears to be universally liked. Victoria Beckham wears them, and so do Beyoncé and President Trump.

When asked about why the baseball cap is so popular, Hannah Spooner, the curator of the Hat Works museum in Stockport, England, said that it is simply because it is both a comfortable and practical hat. She added:

“The peaked and fitted cap is an enduring style. It’s good for keeping the sun out of your eyes – and as it’s adjustable, it stays on your head. That’s a winning combination.”

The baseball cap is customisable. As well as coming in a variety of colours and fabrics, logos and slogans can be printed or embroidered on caps to make them individual. Wearing a baseball cap is a statement that you can wear what everyone wears, but at the same time your cap can express your individuality.

The baseball cap has become the uniform of many different groups and tribes. Followers of the hip-hop style of music wear them, and of course Americans wear caps with the colours and brand of their favourite baseball team.

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