About Yupoong

Innovation, creativity and global headwear leadership

In Seoul, the thriving capital of South Korea, you can find a company well suited to this modern, dynamic and creative city. Yupoong is headquartered here, using its location for worldwide operations, product development and production.

Founded in the 1970s, Yupoong has never stopped looking for ways to achieve innovation, unparalleled quality and service worthy of its products and ideas. Through this framework, it has developed into a global headwear leader, and continues to up its reputation every year.

A constant game-changer in the industry, the South Korean firm is always bringing new levels of creativity to headwear, such as the unique technology in every Yupoong cap. With an ever-growing portfolio of clients, it’s no surprise that more and more businesses are seeing the benefits of working with Yupoong – Flexfit.

For this innovative company, hats aren’t just something to shield us from the sun or rain, but an extension of what makes us who we are. To that end, it believes in striving for the ultimate in customisation. At the same time, however, it is aware that a focus on aesthetics shouldn’t mean a negligence of function, and ensures headwear looks and feels as good as its performance.

There’s no doubt that Yupoong will continue to drive the headwear industry for decades to come, but however big it gets, it will never forget the emphasis on quality and superior engineering on which it was built.