Why use Flexfit custom caps for promotional gifts?

Flexfit custom caps make ideal promotional gifts. For a modest outlay, you can give your clients a premium quality cap that they can regularly wear. Customized with your brand, these caps are a reminder of your company. Clients see caps as a high-value item. Psychologists have identified what they call the “law of reciprocity”. Simply put, […]

Why choose the Flexfit Trucker hat?

The Flexfit Trucker hat is a retro style baseball cap. Trucker caps originated in the 1960s and were given away by US feed and farming supply businesses. Flexfit has updated the trucker hat with innovative technology. The style The distinctive feature of the Flexfit Trucker hat is the mesh back, which provides ventilation. There are several […]

How the Flexfit Delta 180 sets the standard

The Flexfit Delta 180 is a revolutionary cap that is sleeker, smarter, lighter and more comfortable. Seamless The distinguishing feature of the Flexfit Delta 180 cap is the finish that fuses the cap panels without visible stitching. This creates a smarter look that updates the classic baseball style.

The cap always fits with the Flexfit Adjustable base

Active people that wear baseball style caps demand many things from their headwear. They want the cap to fit well, feel comfortable and look stylish. The Flexfit Adjustable base delivers in all areas. Comfortable fit Many people wear caps all day and want them to feel extremely comfortable when first putting the cap on to when […]

A perfect fit with the Flexfit 110 Snapback

The Flexfit 110 Snapback is designed to fit all head sizes comfortably. How many head sizes? There are 10 standard head sizes, from the small 6 3/4 size to the 7 7/8 XXL size. For most headwear, you need to find the hat that fits your exact head size. Baseball hats are adjustable so that you […]

What makes the baseball cap so popular?

The baseball-style cap is popular not only in the Middle East, but all over the world, so why is this? The baseball cap appears to be universally liked. Victoria Beckham wears them, and so do Beyoncé and President Trump. When asked about why the baseball cap is so popular, Hannah Spooner, the curator of the Hat […]

Three great caps to wear in Saudi Arabia

Baseball style caps are popular in Saudi Arabia – particularly the Flexfit 6277, Snapback and Yupoong Trucker. To show their support for the Saudi Arabia football team in the World Cup 2018, supporters may like to wear Flexfit caps with the Saudi Arabia name or flag proudly printed on them. Flexfit caps are not just about […]

How our Flexfit Delta caps cope with the hottest of climates

Flexfit caps are very practical headwear to wear in the hottest of climates. Our Flexfit Delta style in particular will keep your head protected under the harsh sun often hovering in the skies of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. Our baseball-style caps have large visors. Whether you select a straight visitor or curved, they will provide […]

Which headwear is right for your business?

Headwear is a great opportunity to raise awareness of your brand. If you give your customers hats branded with your company logo, they will become walking advertisements for your business, but what type of headwear suits your business best? A baseball-style hat is the best type of headwear for your company. This is because they have […]